Thursday, 12 November 2009

Noodles on the brain

When Kelly makes her special chicken noodle soup for dinner she always gives me a plate of rice noodles all for myself. I love to toss them in the air and suck them up, slurrrp! They're very sticky though, so I get them all over my whiskers and paws.

Kelly has to spend ages combing me and picking bits of noodles out of my fur afterwards, but she says she doesn't mind because I enjoy my noodles so much.

Stripey Sweater

Now that the weather is chilly, I tend to shiver when I go for a walk, so Kelly's Mum brought me a nice warm sweater. It's only for small puppies, so it won't fit me for very long, but at least it will keep me warm this winter. What do you think?

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Bouncing Bella

Today Chloe was at our house because Kelly's Mum was out shopping. Chloe likes to jump up on the chair to get out of my way, because I'm very playful and she doesn't like it when I bounce on her. Sometimes she sits on the chair and taunts me, because she knows I'm too little to jump up there and get her.

Today she was teasing me and I tried really hard to get up on the chair, but no matter how much of a run-up I got, I still couldn't quite jump high enough. Here's a little clip of me trying to bounce onto the chair:

Sunday, 27 September 2009


I was rather stinky when we came back from the beach yesterday; Kelly said I smelled of stagnant water and fish and seaweed. I didn't mind so much - in fact I was actually enjoying licking the bits on my tummy that smelled fishy - but Kelly said I had to go in the bath because she couldn't stand the smell. She stood me in the bottom of the bathtub and soaked me down with the shower, then soaped me up and gave me a good scrub. Fortunately she had some special puppy shampoo that didn't irritate my eyes, so I didn't really mind being in the bath so much. Even though I'm small I still know how to splash, so Kelly ended up having a bath too, haha!

When I got out of the bath I was wrapped up in a warm towel and rubbed down, and Kelly took some photos of me because she said it was cute that I look so tiny when I'm wet.

Me looking all bedraggled - but still cute!

Kelly dried me with this horrible noisy thing called a hairdryer - I was very scared and I cried and tried to run away, but she held onto me because she said I had to get dried otherwise I'd catch my death of cold.

Half dried - still bedraggled but looking a bit more like normal


Please don't dry me any more, I'll be fine, honestly

Finally it was all over with, and I was mostly dry. I wouldn't let Kelly dry my whiskers though - no way was I having that hairdryer thing blowing in my face!

Pretty as a picture!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Life is a Beach

This afternoon the weather was really fine. Kelly's Dad was taking a drive down to the beach with his Jack Russell, Tess, so he invited us to tag along. We were babysitting Chloe today, so she came too. This is the beach we went to - it's called The Blast.

Some silly person had written this on a fence post to show other people the way to climb down the cliffs to the beach. Kelly had to carry me because the track was very steep.

 Here I am sitting on the beach - I was really excited because I had never seen the sea before, so I was tearing around like a mad thing, and by the time Kelly stopped me to take these photos I was extremely out of breath.

Chloe likes the beach too, although she's a bit more sedate than me. She mostly likes to trot along beside Kelly and sniff the sand.

 Kelly's Dad walked along the beach with me for a while while Kelly took this photo of us. You can just see Chloe camouflaged on the rocks to the left of his feet. Tess the Jack Russell was always off running along the cliffs and crawling through the weeds, so sadly she isn't in any of the photos.

I was fascinated by the waves - I ran up and tried to sniff them, and when they washed into shore I scurried out of the way as fast as my little legs could carry me.

Kelly wouldn't let me walk all the way along the beach and back, because she said I'm too little, so I ended up being carried most of the way. Towards the end of our walk she captured Chloe and we all sat on a rock together to pose for this picture, but Chloe and I were too interested in each other to actually look at the camera.

We were  extremely tired when we got home, not to mention sandy! Luckily the dry sand brushed out of my fur very easily, although Kelly says I still smell like seaweed. I hope Kelly's Dad takes us back to the beach again soon, because it's my new favourite place to go for a walk!

Making My Own Entertainment

This morning I was terribly bored. I hadn't been for my walk yet because Kelly had dozed off on the sofa after breakfast, and I'm too little to climb up there and wake her, so I decided to make my own entertainment while she was sleeping. I looked around for something to chew - aha, my toilet paper! I had great fun tossing it around and shredding it. This is the scene that greeted Kelly when she woke up:

Kelly was horrified at the mess I had made, and she told me I was very naughty. Haha, that's what you get for ignoring me!

Friday, 25 September 2009


This morning when I came home after my walk there was a surprise for me - a HUGE Pikachu! Someone was throwing it away, so Kelly's Mum brought it for me to play with.

Pikachu is bigger than me, but that doesn't stop me showing him who's boss

Take that, Pikachu!

He's so big and squishy, I love to bounce on top of him and roll around

I've never had such a big toy before, and he's lots of fun to play with. Thank you for giving Pikachu to me, Kelly's Mum!